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We announce the following Luxury and Extra-Luxury Packages for VIPs:

Republic of Turkey

Visits to:

* The Blue Mosque
* The Hagia Sophia (First a Church, later a Mosque and now a Museum)
* The Topkapi Palace
* The Basilica Cistern
* The SultanAhmet Koftecisi
* The Eyup Sultan Mosque and Graves of the Companions of Prophet Mohammed
* The Pier Lotti Hill
* The Minia Turk
* Bosphorous tour in a Private Yacht plus a private dinner
* The Old City of Euphesus
* The final place of abode of Virgin Mary mother of Jesus (Our Leader Maryam Mother of Prophet Isah AlaihisSalam)
* The Cave of Prophet Ayyub (Prophet Job) where He stayed in the 4-Years of His sickness and the spring(Now Well)
from which He drank to get cured
* The bowl of fire where Prophet Ibraheem(Prophet Abraham) was thrown into and God instructed fire to be friendly to Prophet Ibrahim.
* Erciyes Mountains and underground city
* The cave of the 7-Sleepers (Ahlal Kahfa)
* The site of Arc of Noah (Prophet Nuh) Only peak of Summer
* Several other sites linked to history in Islam and Christianity.

Republic of India Visits to:

* The Taj Mahal in Agra
* History Museums in Hyderabad

United Arab Emirates:

* Dubai-Desert Safari, Dhow Cruise, Magic Planet.
* Abu Dhabi city tour
* Hotel packages in Al Fujairah

Republic of China:

* Attractive Hotel rate of Beijing, Shanghai
* Sightseeing to Great wall,
* Royal cruise in Shanghai

Arab Republic of Egypt:

* Pyramids, Sphinx, Egyptian Museum
* Nile Cruise
* Sightseeing tour Luxor
* Sightseeing tour Aswan
* Sightseeing tour Hurghada

Umrah Packages:

We arrange AirPort Reception upon arrival

* Very attractive Hotel rates within walking distance of Haram outside the Month of Ramadan and in the month of Ramadan for the first 20-days and the last 10-days.

* We arrange a Car or a Bus for a family or a larger delegation from AirPort to Makkah, book Air flights for trips to Madinah or arrange road transport, arrange Hotels in Makkah, Makkah Hilton, Zam-Zam Grand, and Marriot Madinah and Anwar Al-Madinah in Madinah all at a very attractive rates.

Hajj Packages:

We arrange AirPort Reception upon arrival.
* Arrange Car or Bus for the arriving party and book flights for trip to Madinah or arrange by road depending on choice of
client and convenience.

* Book Hotel and Tents accommodation in Makkah, Mina, Arafa and Madinah depending on 5-STAR-A or B.

* Makkah: Makkah Hilton, Zam-Zam Grand

* Madinah: Al-Anwar Al-Madinah, Marriot Madinah
* Mina: VIP Camp Category-A

For any expression of interest, please contact:

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E-mail: mzahid@airkhaleej.com, info@airkhaleej.com

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