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Obudu Cattle Ranch is located in Cross River Slate
The Obudu Ranch is a popular holiday destination for adventurous tourists wishing to explore the remote corners of Nigeria. Situated in the northeast corner of Cross River State, only 45 miles from the Cameroon border, a tourist can enjoy the countryside of both Nigeria and Cameroon at the same time.

The Obudu Plateau is spread over an area of 40 sq. miles. It is 5,200 feet above sea level. The climate is cool and pleasant with no mosquitoes.

The landscape is spectacular, with rolling grasslands, deep-wooded valleys and waterfalls. Iris best to visit Obudu in the dry season since during the rainy season much of the ranch may be covered in mist and low clouds and there are thunderstorms. Between Dec. and Feb. the harmattan is heavy; therefore, the best times for a visit are the end of Oct. to Dec. and March to May before the rainy season.



The Obudu cattle ranch is an excellent vacation spot with scenic mountain views. It is located in Cross River State of South Eastern Nigeria close to the Cameron border.

Situated in the Cross River State, the ranch, with its semi-temperate climate, is an ideal holiday resort. A catering rest hoise has long been established in the area to cater for visitors' needs. The climate is mild and the scenic beauty is breathtaking.

The ranch is beautifully located on a plateau that rises 1576m (5170 feet) above sea level. During the months of November to January the temperature in the ranch is between 26-32°C (79-90°F) while in the months of June to September the temperature dips to between 4-10°C (40-50°F).

The first noticeable change that conronted us in Obudu is the Federal Government College located in Obudu, the headquarters of Obanliku Local Government Area of Cross Rivers State. The distance from the town to the ranch was about an hour, together a beautiful scenery that made the journey to the ranch to be most exciting and memorable. The road winds through vegetation that interfaces between the dense tropical rain forest in the southern part of the State and the Guinea Savannah that extends through the southern fringes of Benue State up to Nasarawa State. The road appeared well maintained, making the drive itself to be smooth. Traditional settlements and architecture are similar to that of the Tivs who are their northern neighbours, with whom they have close historical and cultural links.

The distance from Obudu town to the ranch is 60kms but the drive lasted approximately one hour. On the way to the Ranch Hotel is the Bebi airstrip, constructed for packaged tour groups or individuals with means who could fly in and are picked by the hotel's tour bus or by any pre-arranged transport for the 40 minutes drive. From this point on, the road begins to be more winding and intricate with views of a web of hills that seems like an initiation into a world that is aloof and concealed from the reaches of very unsuspecting strangers. Just when you thought that you have reached your destination, you arrive at the gate house located at the foot of the real thing.

The gate, with its imposing ox-head and thin welcome notice, opens with a gentle feel of some hidden treasure that is outrightly intimidating; but it truly is overwhelming to the first timer who must begin the "climb" with the signing of the entrance book as if to state that your security is assured. It is also a sublime check on the state of your car to be sure that it can withstand the grueling steep drive to the top of the plateau. On the right is a welcome sign and to the left is the bold speed limit sign of a maximum of 50 kilometres per hour.


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